Custom Box Ordering

EAPI Manufactures different sizes, styles and shapes. Our corrugated cardboard boxes are made from quality, sustainably sourced materials and engineered for durability to ensure your precious cargo remains safely intact.

If you need a uniquely shaped or sized box, look no further. Our design team works with you to create custom corrugated boxes that meet your exact needs. East African Packaging Industries will design, manufacture, die-cut, print and deliver your custom box, all from our local manufacturing facility. Our in-house capability means that we don’t rely on anyone else’s schedule. We always deliver on time, every time and offer our customers just-in-time delivery options.

East African Packaging Industries can also help your brand stand out by offering printing services which give you an opportunity to reinforce your brand. “Small, Medium, Large”

Design & Branding

When it comes to customers’ branding or re-branding their boxes, we offer our expertise and the most flexible solutions. A number of factors are considered while taking the customer through the process; the main factor has always been the compatibility of the artwork to that of the machine it will operate on. By doing this, we avoid giving our customers’ a different result from what they expect as that would paint a bad image of the company.

From a design perspective, we also advise the client against having too much content on the boxes as this might stray away from the main subject, which is the content(s) of the box. There is elegance in simplicity and that is part of what EAPI is about.

In the branding and re-branding procedure, we ensure the customer is happy with what they see; from the colors, design layout, fonts used and any other element of the artwork. It has to appeal to the customer and do our best as well to bring out the quality of being the only one of its kind. In case of any doubt, we offer the client a pasted sample as a physical preview of the final product. This way, they are able to make further changes to the design because it will be very accurate and similar to the end product.

Paper Sacks

EAPI produces paper sacks for use in various industries (agriculture, chemical & construction industries) for packaging a myriad of products ranging from cement, flour, plastic pellets, etc.

The manufactured sacks come in various colors, designs, patterns, shapes, and sizes, so as to cater to our divergent demands of our prestigious clients.

Our sacks & bags are renown for their remarkable traits of excellent quality, high strength, durability & being Eco-friendly.